Buffalo Milk from Travers

The most precious liquid on the farm is the basis for our excellent milk products. You can find our mozzarella, tomme and ricotta in various regional grocery shops and at Coop in western Switzerland as well as in selected Coop shops in the rest of Switzerland.

But best of all, of course, come and visit our farm shop "Le Petit Buffle".
Les Quarres 3 - 2105 Travers
open Mon-Sun 7 a.m.-10 p.m. (Self scan Checkout)

Our pride

The incredibly tender mozzarella di bufala from Stähli is a pleasure, whether in a salad or on its own.

Available in a cup of 125g, either with one large ball or 5 small pearls.

For large families or events we are happy to provide maxi cups with 500g mozzarella each.


Price: CHF 4.20- / 125g

All in White

Tomme made from buffalo milk - who would have thought that? A special taste experience is our buffalo milk tomme with an intensely creamy note. The soft cheese with the authentic milk taste will perfectly round off your meals. Weight: 100g


Price: CHF 4.50 / piece

Worth a Sin - heavenly ice cream

Buffalo milk is predestined for the production of ice cream. Fortunately, due to the high fat content in milk, there is no need to add fats that would otherwise be added to every cow's milk-based ice cream. We only have one goal in terms of taste: 100% enjoyment with 100% natural flavors, no additives and flavor enhancers. You want to enjoy this ice cream anytime, anywhere - no matter the season.

Available in the flavors
hazelnut, pistachio, fior di latte, mocca, café express,
mint, mandarin, vanilla, caramel beurre salé, amarena, chocolate


Price: CHF 9.-/ 450ml
           CHF 3.90/ 150ml

More Than Just Milk

Buffalo milk has so much good in it. And it is delicious! Come to our farm in Le bois de crois, CH-2105 Travers, and bring your milk container with you to get fresh milk straight from the tank. A quick call to Georges Stähli is all it takes.

For baking, cooking or drinking straight away. We'll be happy to refill your container right away.


Price: CHF 3.50 / liter


Tomme Nature

We use regional cow's milk for this strong soft cheese. A pleasure for every hearty snack or gratin. Insider tip: Enjoy this cheese with pears or figs. Weight: 100g


Price: CHF 2.50 / piece


Tomme with Caraway Seeds

What is the caraway doing in cheese?

Clear case: complete the great taste!

Even those who usually neglect caraway will be positively surprised.

Produced with local cow's milk. Weight: 100g


Price: CHF 2.50 / piece 

Baking, cooking, spreading

Our tender ricotta made from cow's milk has what it takes to be a constant companion in your kitchen: for pasta, delicious desserts or cheekily smeared on bread.

Price: CHF 4.20/ 300g

Order your gift voucher  here, valid for our whole assortment.

Stähli Produits Fermiers SA

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

Sara Stähli

responsible for order of farm products, 
vacations, events and children's groups, farm shop and internships

+41 79 138 27 29

Adresse vacation home and farm shop

Les Quarres 3

CH-2105 Travers

Daniel Stähli

responsible for the dairy,
delivery to restaurants and
internships dairy

+41 78 224 81 80
+41 32 863 20 33

Adresse dairy
Rue du Temple 1
CH-2105 Travers