An internship at the Stähli Farm

For years, our everyday life has been enriched by interns from all over the world. We are always happy to welcome people who, like us, are enthusiastic about agriculture, food production and marketing and who would like to gain experience with us.

We offer internships in the fields
Buffalo Farm
Marketing, administration, event management

Please contact the person in charge of your desired area directly for an internship request:

Buffalo Farm - Georges Stähli
Darin - Daniel Stähli

Marketing, administration, event management  - Sara Stähli

Stähli Produits Fermiers SA

Please direct all inquiries to

Georges Stähli
Verantwortlicher Büffelhof,
Aufzucht und Reisegruppen

+41 79 6491556

Adresse Büffelhof
Le bois de croix
2105 Travers

Daniel Stähli


+41 79 374 90 10
+41 32 863 20 33

Adresse Käserei
Rue du Temple 1
2105 Travers

Sara Stähli

Verantwortliche Produktbestellungen, Ferien, Veranstaltungen, 

+41 79 138 27 29

Adresse Ferienwohnung und Direktverkauf

Les Quarres 3

2105 Travers