Buffalo breeding in Travers

Buffalos are the greatest! Curious, strong, robust and very patient - that's how we experience the black giants. The imposing horns give a clue that we are dealing with an originally wild animal. And it’s a true heavyweight weighing up to 900 kg. It can knock you out if you’re not careful!

Living with the buffaloes requires a lot of observation, respect, mindfulness and love for the animals.


The comforting bath in the mud protects the skin from parasites and the sun. Our buffaloes do not hesitate to sit a small puddle of water wide until it becomes a huge waterhole.


We produce most of the feed for our animals ourselves. With a mixture of hay, grass silage, maize, straw and malt, the buffaloes receive all the important nutrients every day.

A buffalo cow gives birth to her calf after 10 months of gestation without human help. The little one is first well cared for by mum and then by us.



In every herd there is a clear hierarchy. A duel occurs when a leader is challenged to assert his position.

Are you interested in buying one or more buffaloes from us? We will be happy to advise you on finding the right animal for you.

Stähli Ferme des buffles 

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Georges Stähli
responsable buffalo farm,

+41 79 6491556
[email protected]

Adresse Buffalo farm
Le bois de croix
CH-2105 Travers