Buffalo meat for barbecue with Stähli buffalos
Slices Buffalo meat from Stähli produits fermiers in Travers
Dry sausage from buffalo meat from Stähli Travers

Swiss buffalo meat

No matter how you look at it, buffalo meat is one of the most aromatic meats, with an intense flavour full of subtle nuances. Buffalo meat combines excellent wild-flavoured taste with perfect nutritional values, i.e. 40% less cholesterol and 25% less fat than beef. On the other hand, the meat contains 10% more iron and is rich in minerals as well as vitamins A and B12. An absolute must for gourmets and conscious connoisseurs. 

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Buffalo hamburger for barbecue from swiss water buffalo

Buffalo hamburger - the hit at every barbecue party
CHF 31.50/ kg

Minces buffalo meat from Stähli produits fermiers in Travers

Minced buffalo meat - for a thousand variations in your kitchen with a deliciously intense flavour.
CHF 24.-/kg

Veal sausage with buffalo meat from the Stähli farm shop

Buffalo veal sausage with mozzarella - tasty and quick to prepare. 
CHF 26.-/ kg

Dry sausage from buffalo meat from the Stähli farm in Travers

Buffalo dry sausage - perfect for any aperitif. Very pleasant taste.
CHF 11.50/ 200g

Landjäger from buffalo meat from Stähli Travers

Landjäger from buffalo - crunchy and fits in every hiking backpack
CHF 8.50/ 4pcs.

Buffalo salami from Stähli buffalos in Travers

Buffalo salami - wild aromatic taste
CHF 10.50/ 170g

Buffalo Jerky from Stähli in Switzerland

Buffalo jerky - finely aromatic and something very special
CHF 8.50/ 75g




Buffalo tartare from Stähli buffalo meat

Buffalo tartare - a real delicacy. Frozen in 150g portions
CHF 65.-/ kg




Merguez for barbecue from Stähli Produits Fermiers in Travers

Merguez from the buffalo - a dream in spicy
CHF 29.-/ kg

Buffalo entrecôte from the Stähli farm in Travers/ Neuchâtel

Entrecôte of buffalo calf - incredibly tender
CHF 89.-/ kg

Buffalo Steak from Stähli Produits Fermiers in Travers

Steak from buffalo calf - ideal for roasting or for fondue bourguignonne. 
CHF 89.-/ kg

Buffalo rump steak from the Stähli farm in Travers

Rump steak from buffalo calf - 
perfect for Fondue Bourgignonne or for the hot stone
CHF 72.-/ kg

Filet of buffalo from Georges Stähli's buffalos

Filet of buffalo - the most tender temptation, the highlight piece
CHF 99.-/ kg (adult buffalo)
CHF 105.-/ kg (young buffalo)

Stähli Produits Fermiers  

Le Petit Buffle

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